New Zealanad Berryfruit Grup to supply Blackcurrants from New Zealand supplied by New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative.

New Zealand Blackcurrants for everybody in every country in the world

New Zealand Blackcurrants are best in their quality and safety with the strict managements by the industry led by Blackcurrant New Zealand Ltd

Secrets of New Zealand Blackcurrants
What is Blackcurrant?
Blackcurrant, also known as French "Cassis", is a species of Ribes berry native to central and northern Europe and northern Asia.
Characterized with its deep purple color and strong acidity, Blackcurrant has exceptionally strong anti-oxidant activities due to its high density of polyphenols including Anthocyanins, which, by its anti-oxidant activities, contribute to the maintenance and improvement of general health and eyesight. Traditionally known as high in Vitamin C as well, Blackcurrant is also rich in other nutritional substances including Vitamin A, B1, B3 and calcium, but low in sodium and calories.
100% pure New Zealand
Located in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand is an island country with moderate climate. Due to its small population and farming as its main industry together with its proactive approach towards conservation, New Zealand is enriched with the purest and untouched nature.
New Zealand was the first country in the world to enshrine the concept of sustainability into law (1991). All 200 threatened species of flora, fauna and sea mammals are protected under the threatened species management. 75% of local councils are involved in recycling. Nuclear free in law since 1985. Largest man made sustainable production forest in the world. Food is clean and green. No genetically engineered crops, sustainable fisheries management, grass fed beef and lamb that is not fed growth hormones and anti biotics, fruit and vegetables grown to strict food safety standards.
New Zealand has urban Land of only 3% with the lowest use of concrete in the world on 3%.Rural Land of Farmland 52%, National Parks 32%. Native Forest 23%, Exotic Grassland 36%, Tussock Grassland 15%.
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New Zealand climatic conditions; best for Blackcurrants
95% of New Zealand Blackcurrants are produced in two areas; Nelson and Canterbury regions in the South Island. The long hot summer days with cool nights in these two areas combine to give the correct degree-days and temperature difference which provide the best opportunity to Blackcurrants for a high dry matter level and therefore the establishment of nutrients.
If the climate is too tropical, the fruit grows to maturity too quickly to accumulate the dry matter required. If the climate is too cold, the spring frosts will damage the flowers and grows too slowly for the best maturity level at harvest time. It is the evenness and consistency of the key climatic points over spring, summer and autumn that give New Zealand an advantage.
The hot dry summers give the best growing environment for the natural control of fungal disease and therefore limit the amount of chemical control required as well.

The best quality, New Zealand Blackcurrant
Berries generate substances called "Phytochemicals" to protect themselves from environmental stresses. Anthocyanin is one of those "Phytochemicals" made by Blackcurrant. Grown in New Zealand with cold winters and strong UV in summers, New Zealand Blackcurrants produce significantly more Anthocyanins than those grown in Europe.
Blackcurrants grown under these ideal conditions in New Zealand have the best quality with the highest density of nutritious substances and the richest flavors. Together with the purest environment of New Zealand, our thorough management systems, covering from farming and processing to distribution and exporting, ensure the safety and the quality of premium New Zealand Blackcurrants.
              What are phytochemicals?

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