New Zealanad Berryfruit Grup to supply Blackcurrants from New Zealand supplied by New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative.

New Zealand Blackcurrants for everybody in every country in the world

New Zealand Blackcurrants are best in their quality and safety with the strict managements by the industry led by Blackcurrant New Zealand Ltd

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Unbelievable versatility
Best Blackcurrants for your needs
Blackcurrants will surprise you not only with their various health effects, but also with their unbeatable versatility in making themselves into various popular finished products; Soft drinks, cordials, dairy products, confectionaries, cereals, jams, preserves, bakeries, health supplements, and so on.
Blackcurrants are so versatile in their taste as well. With its balanced sweetness and acidity, this amazing berry is, of course, tasty itself, but can be blended well with other fruit/berry to make splendid complexities.
Potentials of your developing finished products endowed with distinguished tastes and significant health effect will surely widen the scope of your business opportunities.
The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative and NZBG sales team will select the best fruit for your individual requirements. With almost every grower in New Zealand to select from, the Co-op knows the details of each individual grower's crop. In order to maximize the nutrients, texture and taste, the Manager visits each farm to discuss the growing season and to inspect the crop. The processing team and NZBG can then ensure the right fruit from the right farmer is available for your order.
Through the Co-op comprehensive food safety traceability system, you can " see the face of the grower" supplying the order.


 Individually quick frozen (IQF)

The fruit is transported fresh to the SuJon factory in Nelson where it is frozen and packed under contract to the Co-op and under the supervision of the Co-op food safety system. It is first individually quick frozen in New Zealand in one of the most modern freezing plants in the world and bulk stored.
On receiving your order the fruit is selected and then graded and packed to the Co-op specification discussed and agreed with NZBG on behalf of the customer. Both hot fill and cold fill purees are available and will be processed in the same plant also under contract to the Co-op food safety system and to the agreed specification. The SuJon plant has its own HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system.
       Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) on Wikipedia

 Blackcurrant Concentrate 65 brix. and Single Strength

The fruit is also packed under contract to the Co-op and under their management team supervision. The fruit is first frozen in stores close to the farming areas and then transported frozen to the Enza Foods plant in Nelson. The fruit is carefully selected with the customer requirement in mind to give a consistent nutrient and flavour profile. It is this selection that can be made from growers throughout all growing areas and then processing through the largest and most experienced juice processing plant in New Zealand that gives the Co-op products its worldwide reputation of excellence.
We guarantee you our quality and safety by showing all of our smiling faces of those who participated in production, processing and distribution.
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