New Zealanad Berryfruit Grup to supply Blackcurrants from New Zealand supplied by New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative.

New Zealand Blackcurrants for everybody in every country in the world

New Zealand Blackcurrants are best in their quality and safety with the strict managements by the industry led by Blackcurrant New Zealand Ltd

New Zealand Co-op Blackcurrants
Highest safety and Quality Assured
For the best Blackcurrants in the world, New Zealand Blackcurrants Co-operative, consisting of major Blackcurrants growers in New Zealand has been collaborating closely together with New Zealand government and its research institutes as one solid unit. Our Blackcurrants with the highest quality and safety are produced by the most suitable horticultural environments achieved by the continuous efforts by our growers, as well as by the initiatives of New Zealand Blackcurrants Co-operative that strictly manages the quality and safety of our Blackcurrants in every stage of our production processes; farms, processing, delivery and distribution.
Perfect Traceability
To enforce our assured quality and safety, we have perfect traceability system on all of our Blackcurrants. All of our Blackcurrants and their products can be perfectly traced down to their very origins; from which farm and by which grower they were grown, how they were delivered how to which processing plants, then how they are exported to who in which country.
We guarantee you our quality and safety by showing all of our smiling faces of who participated in production, processing and distribution.
This is one of the reasons why you can buy New Zealand Co-op Blackcurrants with confidence.

Research and Development
New Zealand Blackcurrants Co-operative, in association with Blackcurrant New Zealand Ltd, its governing association, has been actively involved in research and development of Blackcurrants, taking full advantage of world leading technology and experience of New Zealand in Horticulture led by government initiative.
One of the most significant achievements is in our breeding programme. Our new clones with improved characteristics are, not only superior in productivity, but also higher in the density of heath components including Anthocyanins. Their stronger resistance against pests makes our growers possible to minimize their application of artificial substances to the absolute minimum, together with the introduction of newly invented Pheromone bands which control the number of the pests by a safe and sophisticated way.

New Zealand Blackcurrants Co-operative are also enthusiastically involved in elucidating the secrets of Blackcurrants. Used in medicines for a long time in history, Blackcurrants are known to contribute to human health, however, its full potential has never been fully understood yet. Leading intensive researches including clinical tests, New Zealand Blackcurrants Co-operative is solving the mysteries of this wonderful berry which improves our lives in many ways.

Our comprehensive Food Safety programmes ensure full compliance with the food safety regulations of all countries, including the Positive List requirements of Japan.

       Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Japan): Positive List System
       Over view of the Positive List System

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